Garden of Roses

Rachel and Linda were alter egoes of each other,
Except that Rachel always aimed for perfection;
Unlike Linda who was free spirited,
And preferred to work sincerely and enjoy.

One day they played a simple game,
They entered a one way garden;
Full of blossoming colorful roses,
And their task was to pick only one rose at a time;
They could change roses but never keep,
More than one in hand simultaneously,
And exit the garden with a single rose.

Linda picked the first flower she liked,
But then threw it away depressed at the thornful touches;
She picked another one and loved this but,
She had to let go of it too;
After many swaps, she finally found one worthy of her.

Rachel on the other hand saw many beautiful roses,
But always found imperfections in them;
Waiting for the perfect one,
She never realised she was fast approaching the exit;
She then hastily had to pick the nearest flower,
Realizing too late, that time was catching up on her.

– S.R.

Expectations are the root cause of sorrow.
– Gautama Buddha


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