God of Cricket

Oh how fleeting fame is,
Apotheosized to Godlike status for years,
Then falling back to ground one fine day;
How fickle we fans are, blinded by passions,
Unable to realize, unable to fathom,
How a God can err, how He cannot be infallible,

We don’t realize that ,
It is us who elevated him to Godlike status;
And he didn’t complain,
He diligently played his game,
Blissfully unaffected by the people.

And now after more than 20 years,
The God is showing that after all,
He too has some human qualities,
He too has a heart which beats,
A heart that ages with time.

Now that the God is not delivering,
We wait for him to fall down to earth;
And wish to apotheosize a new God,
This elevation and falling is cyclic.

The God will be replaced,
But the Little master can never be replaced.

– S.R.


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