Remembering 26/11

Mumbai was bustling with activity,
The usual buzz and peace;
When suddenly CST was attacked,
At peak time, it was pounded with random bullets;
Hundreds injured and more than 50 killed,
The bloodshed left could boil any human soul;
Yet the terrorists carried on.

We say we remember Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte and Tukaram Omble,
Even if we have to look up their names till date.

Next up was Leopold followed by Cama,
Killing 10 and injuring several;
Then it was Nariman house,
Pounded by bombs and bullets,
Bodies showing clear signs of torture.

The iconic 100 yr old Taj hotel was next up,
Bombings, shootings and hostages,
I couldn’t believe if it was movie or reality,
Team of 51 SAG lead by Sandeep,
Were immediately called for rescuing those in need;

“Do not come up, I will handle them.”, were major Sandeep’s last words,
He showed bravery beyond his age and calmness like a sage.

Mumbai lost a lot on that fiery night,
Remembering their sacrifices is the least we could do,
Respect to each and every one of you.

– S.R.


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