Three doctrinaires

‘What a beautiful blue sky’, said Bryan,
‘You fool can’t you see the sky is red?’, said Rachel,
‘You both are blind, its yellow’, said Alan,
Each of them firmly believed only they see the truth,
All bet a hundred bucks saying they were right.

They called a seer and asked him ‘What color is the beautiful sky?’,
The seer smiled and replied ‘What colored specs do you wear?’

– S.R.


2 thoughts on “Three doctrinaires

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  1. I need to mention that the idea behind this article is not completely original although l too have a similar line of thinking, though the examples are original.
    I read a snazzy article in Times of India Editorial column ‘Speaking Tree’ recently explaining what we see depends on what bubbled specs we have around our eyes and very few actually see the truth.
    Happy searching for the truth Cheers 🙂

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