To trust or not to trust

This is a collaborative poem. Left part is written by Janhavi and the right part by me.

The world is meant to rip you apart
So brace yourself before you start
Expect nothing and trust no one
And know it’s not meant to be fun.
The world will help, if you want to start,
All you need is, a benevolent heart,
Agreed your ride, will be a rollercoaster,
Have fun else, you may regret later.
Take help and you will depend
Trust people and you will repent
Experience only teaches the wise
Take it or leave it, its your choice.
Trust yourself not people,
Trusting humans can prove lethal,
Ignore the cynics who pull you down,
Trust your passions and you will be crowned.
Faith and talismans only take you so far
I’d much rather be a lonely star
Trusting passions won’t bring them to life,
Pull up your socks for the toughest strife
A wise man is never less alone than when alone,
Lonely stars can shine brightly and luminously- agreed,
Life is unfair, there’s not an iota of doubt,
Benevolence is not dead, but it is rare indeed

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