Tribute to a tiger

The Maratha tiger,
Who roared
Is sadly no more,
You are an inspiration,
For all Marathas in the nation.
Being brought up, in aamchi Mumbai,
I can connect, to a Maratha too,

You were fearless, when you roared,
An orator par excellence
Strong opinions were your forte,
Passionate were your speeches.

You said once ‘My words should hit the heart and not the head’,
I concur,
Heart is what drives passions,
What controls our emotions,
The head being robotic is relegated,
When passions are elevated.

Although you are gone,
We can clearly hear you roar,
When Kasab was hanged,
And justice was finally done.

We need more leaders like you,
Who have strong opinions,
In diverse fields too,
Balasaheb Thakery, we will miss you.

– S.R.


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