Addictive drug

Oh girl come here,
Just a little near,
Don’t be coy,
I’l be your toy.

Oh boy I’m shy,
I’m no player,
I wanna come near,
But I have fear.

Oh girl, play with me,
I’m all yours,
Forget your pains,
And your disdains.

Oh boy i wanna play,
I want a drug,
I want a toy,
I want to enjoy.

Oh girl come here,
Just a little near,
I’m addictive n fun,
I’m your drug I’m burn.

Oh boy, I’m near,
I don’t have fear,
I’m addicted to you,
You’re my drug i burn you.

Oh girl why so near,
Step a little back dear,
This drug’s burned out,
Give me time to figure out.

Oh boy you’re so selfish,
All you wanted was burn,
I’m not a toy,
To use and throw away.

– S.R.


2 thoughts on “Addictive drug

Add yours

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂
      I wanted to portray the love hate relationship between a couple who are deeply in love but are just not meant for each other. Sometimes we just need to let go.
      Love is a drug. An extremely addictive drug and I aimed to portray the emotional turmoil one goes through when one is “high” on love….
      Cheers 🙂

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